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About Patricia

No matter how many times I update this page, I always have a hard time coming up with something to write.

I am 47, Salvadorena, live in Virginia and a happy mother of an active toddler. I became interested in HTML and CSS a couple of decades ago while idly looking through the want ads. I couldn’t help but notice that many jobs asked for or required some knowledge of HTML. I found this curious and a little disconcerting. After starting up a couple of single pages here and there, I bought this domain, the HTML 4 Bible and opened up Notepad. The rest, as they say, is very boring history. I was amazed then that whole web sites could be built with only a simple text editor and I remain awed by that. Perhaps that explains why, after so many years, I still find this little hobby so interesting. While my main jobs have always focused on child and family advocacy at the county and state level in the public and private sectors, my self-taught web building skills have come in handy in updating an agency’s or office website. Even just being able to create a hyperlink or knowing how to float an image to the right or left of some text has been considered quite the skills so it’s fun to be able to use what I’ve learned from this little hobby in a professional environment.

As mentioned above, I consider myself a child advocate. I like to also think of myself as a bit of a writer. I am also a book and TV addict. Yes, one can be both, though perhaps not very successfully. I should be embarrassed, I suppose, that I can quote good sized chunks of Friends episodes rather than Shakespeare or Austen, but, well, we can’t be all things to all people.

The site is just a place for me to practice my coding skills, writing, photo taking and anything else that pops into my head.